As many of you know, I am Italian by birth and address and English by heart after spending a couple of years at Uni and working in England. That’s why, from the very beginning of Lily’s Colours, the matter of which language would have shaped my blog has always been an essential question for me.

I have done quite a few experiments during the years and I have long thought about writing a bilingual blog, but in the end it turns out I love writing in English more than I do in Italian – heart wants what the heart wants, right? In fact, my future plans include keeping writing in English only, except in special occasions.

Some of you have asked me to make texts available in Italian too, so after searching the internet I’ve come up with a solution that doesn’t have me jumping for joy but I want to give it a try: I’ve activated a translation plug-in.

There are two major considerations that need to be done:

First – Automated translations tend to get pretty funky, particularly when it comes to slang, names and idioms. Even when they are made by Mr Google in person. And that’s what makes me cringe in the first place.

Second – I haven’t been able to find a plug-in that allows users to translate the post they are reading and then switch back to the original language as soon as they click on a different post or go back to the home page. And this does honestly drives me mad. Spoiler: I am a grammar-nazi, regardless it’s about English or Italian.

So, if you really, really, really, need to read a post in Italian you will have to come here and switch the automated translator on and off from this page. This way, I feel a little less guilty!







Remember you will need to come back here and swtich back to English in order to be able and access English texts again!