Lily's Colours - Elena Prizzon


Hello! I’m Elena and I’m a thirty-ish year old living in the surroundings of Venice, up in the sunny North East of Italy. 

I love all things beauty and skincare, but my secret passions are sushi, Nordic home decor and Dachsunds – I haven’t managed to own one yet, but I’m working on it -.

Back in the days, I lived in Manchester (UK) and, while I used to complain a lot about the weather, I still consider myself an adopted Brit currently exploring life back home. In fact, I’m all for Briton lifestyle, design and beauty too. Wish I could hit Boots once again! 

In my free time you can find me blogging and taking pictures here at Lily’s Colours, binge watching the latest TV series on Netflix or enjoying a glass of Prosecco with friends. 

Wanna win my attention? Get me a box of Maltesers and I’m all yours.