Have you ever felt deeply in love with something and yet not totally happy about it? That’s what’s happened to me during the last months while writing Lily’s Colours.
While I feel my life needs to settle down (and I hope 2018 will be a fruitful year!), this blog has been for me a little corner of satisfaction and freedom for the most part of this past year. And every time things haven’t felt the best in my everyday life, I’ve sought creative shelter and symbolic freedom here. During the last months however, I’ve started feeling the pressure of being a better content creator – particularly with images. I’ve always taken care of producing nice photos, with beautiful subjects and harmonious compositions but we all know the better the graphic content website, the most magic and refined the overall atmosphere. I admit it: pictures are my idyll and my distress.

I love taking photos but I often feel a limit in terms of tools, natural light (I live in a lovely but not Instagram-proof flat), techniques and available time (I still work full-time and commute to a different city every single day) and while my heart usually flies amongst 10 different articles I could write, my mind struggles within the graphic HOWs. I have read multiple articles claiming that as a content creator you should also use pictures coming from other sources than yourself and even though I have tried to do so every now and then, once the “publish” button is clicked it always feels half the joy as not all the content gone up is mine. Ah, the perks of being a perfectionist.

Between these ups and downs, I’ve started to feel frustrated about what I was putting up on my blog and the impossibility to reach quickly a higher step in this journey. And then with 2018 approaching and my New Year’s Resolutions, I have reminded myself the first purpose I have created Lily’s Colours for is to enjoy having a space where I can talk about my passions (even the most frivolous). So here’s my one resolution for my blog: hosting an engaging space both for me and for you with a light heart, no hurdles included. Let’s enjoy the journey!



Ok, ok. After the “serious” stuff, here you have my beauty resolutions for 2018 – my little beauty-junkie faults I shall remedy to during this new year:

1. Scrub regularly – every two weeks the least.
Shame on me I know. I have never been the best at body scrubbing and I have always lived with it but lately my skin has changed and now it requires some extra care in order to be at its best glow.

2. Use Clarisonic Mia2 at least 6 times a week
I am allowing one day off here and generally the possibility to switch to a normal cleanser & hands in the morning in case twice a day gets too much for my skin. In fact, after years of unconditional love and desire towards this beauty-tech prodigy I have finally managed to get my hands on it (aw, I love Christmas). I couldn’t be happier – I can totally call myself a true beauty guru now!

3. Moisturise cuticles regularly.
Am I the only one who gets super dry cuticles and once dry the grow and grow and grow?



4. Go for bold lipsticks
This is going to be a real beauty challenge as the aim is not only to wear more lipsticks (I can be very lazy about it) but to wear more bold lipsticks, which I never do as I have quite plump lips and I usually go for bold eyes. Guess only time will be able to tell if I’ve managed to rock this resolution at the end of the year!


5. Don’t be lazy and do not skip daily body moisturisers / treatments.
Should I say more?




1. Workout regularly
The No 1 resolution on everyone’s list, really! Could I be exempted? Of course not.
So here you have it, the first goal that came out of my mind as soon as I thought the words “NY Resolutions”. What does regularly mean for me? At least twice a week. I’d love to have the time and the energy to hit the gym every day, maybe even early in the morning, but I guess this would be too ambitious at the moment so I’ll try and stick to two days per week and anything that comes more than that will be super!

2. Have more homemade bakery.
It’s not a mystery that Italians go for sweet breakfasts – coffee and a croissant is our thing all year round. Now, my version usually is coffe & bread with jam or coffee & biscuits, where biscuits always come from the supermarket and tbh aren’t the best in terms of both calories and ingredients. So, between a jump at the gym, work, friends, chores and TV-series binge watching, I feel the urge to wear a pinny and get my hands full in flour. I totally need to get out of the right side of bed in the morning and I’m sure a homemade cupcake might help.

So there you have it, my commitment to do well in this new year – I’ve tried to be resolute without setting impossible goals I know I won’t reach and will only make me feel frustrated.
This is the beginning of 12 new months full of adventures and I want it to be rocking cool!

Now, how about yours?




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