It’s been on everyone’s mouth between the end of the summer and the beginning of autumn, advertised as the latest innovation in terms of haircare. Loved by YouTubers and at the same time the protagonist of conflicting opinions on social media. It’s been said the product of the year by many while for other it isn’t really their thing – of course I’m talking about the new Elvive Low Shampoo by L’Oreal.

To be honest with you, when I first heard about it, it didn’t totally blew my mind as I’ve never been a great fan of any back-to-the-origins method. I’ve never been brave enough to try Co-Wash, for example. After the first enthusiastic reviews though, I got curious and decided to give it a try and see how it works. By now online it’s a love-or-hate kind of thing: there are people who madly fell in love with it and people who just can’t stand it. But where do I sit?



In Italy there are currently two versions available: Elvive Olio Straordinario Low Shampoo and Elvive Color-Vive Low Shampoo (both 400 ml and around €5,00). Now, while the first has been created for dry and fragile hair and the second for coloured and fragile hair, there are currently no products for normal or greasy hair, so I had to go with the one for dry hair.

The product should be applied with 10 to 15 pushes and I usually use between 10 and 12, meaning 5 on the scalp, 5 on lengths and 2 after the conditioner if used. Its consistency is quite creamy and non-foamy, therefore you need to work the product on hair a little bit longer than normal shampoos and that’s why a bigger product quantity is required. Then, once you’ve let that sit in for 3 minutes you can rinse it out and blow-dry your hair as no other treatment is required.


I must first say I have very undisciplined and thin hair (which makes it difficult for the hairdresser to style it too) that tends to easily get frizzy and greasy. Thus L’Oreal’s promise to tackle these issues, disentangle nots and leave light and clean hair without whatsoever need for conditioner really felt like a win-win perspective. There have been both pros and cons:


One of the things I love the most about this shampoo is the fact that my hair truly feel more tamed, which means that brushing them doesn’t get into the usual drama of losing and breaking a whole lot of hair: my big big distress when it comes to hair! Being more disciplined, the best thing about this shampoo is that hair doesn’t break off and fall that easily as it happens when using other shampoos – and if you know me a little now you might see the blessing for me.

At the same time its smell is divine too and lasts until the next wash, but more importantly the whole styling is much faster and lasts longer. The day after using this low-shampoo my hair feels easier to work with and when straightening it the whole shape lasts until the day after – trust me when I say this normally does not happen and all my efforts get wasted from night to morning. [editor’s note: straightener is still a necessity in the morning though]


As many things in life, there’s no such a thing that comes with only great positive aspects. In fact, I didn’t notice a massive change into my hair or in the wash frequency as advertised by other bloggers who. On the contrary, my hair felt easily the need for a wash earlier than with a normal shampoo. This wasn’t the worst thing for me though. Call me weirdo, but the thing I hated the most was how, every single time I rinsed the product, I felt this creamy, oily patina on my face and body. It drove me mad!


So, to answer the main question – if I’d buy it again or not: I like the product and would recommend it to girls with dry and frizzy hair but I won’t probably use it as a normal day-to-day choice into my haircare routine. I can’t be spending every other day feeling my hair heavy and no fresh at all. Compared to what I was expecting, it didn’t feel the miracle bearer indeed, I can’t say my hair is now soft, super clean and doesn’t require the normal every-other-day wash. But because it’s such a gentle shampoo, I’m sure I will keep it as an option for when my hair feels particularly stressed and falls off at the touch of a brush – i.e. the beginning of autumn and spring, my two dark moments throughout the year. Other than that, I will keep looking for the perfect shampoo for my hair so as usual any suggestions are well accepted!