About Lily’s Colours

About Lily’s Colours

Hello there,

I am a 27 year old Italian girl passionate about beauty, traveling, books, lifestyle and food… Like most girls of my age, I know. However, in my defense, I can tell you I’m terrible with fashion!

Although now hanging out in the surroundings of Venice, I’ve lived for years in Manchester (UK), and there I’ve left my heart along with Primark, Waterstones, the British humor and definitely Maltesers.

I’ve been wanting to start a blog for ages, a nice little corner where I could chitchat about the things I like and the beautiful places I sometimes get to see here and there.

So, some years and a number of articles (to convince myself I wasn’t being too brave) later, here I am. Ready to board this little adventure where I’ll try to keep up with my love for English – and the Brits, or actually, for any English-speakers tbh – as well as talking about what I’m most passionate about.

If I will be lucky then, I might even be able to give some advice to tourists coming and visiting the district of Veneto. Definitely I will provide some insights in what’s like to be living in the north-east of Italy, not too far from Venetian country villas, Prosecco’s hills and canals cut through by the famous “gondole”.

To my Italian friends, on the other hand, I hope my articles will be a nice reading far from the hectic moments of every day.